Ode to the Bed

May 8, 2013
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Soft and colossal
You absorb me.
Journey after journey
And death after death,
I still come back and let you
Surround me with the tenderness you offer.

You, oh heavenly
Pillared mattress,
Stroked by the hand of God,
Is the adrenalin for my day.
Without you, I am nothing
But a walking corpse
Waiting for the bells to ring
And for the daily ceremony to be over.

I praise you.
White like an angels wings
And as passionate as a lovers hug
You hold me, protecting me from
The black jaws that nibble on
My toes at the end of the bed

Together, united, we fight off
The monsters that sought shelter
Under you, thinking that you would
Protect them from the intruders laying on
Their roof.

I lay in, on, around
Beside, on-top, inside out
Up side down; but never once
Do you complain

You are the caregiver
Whom all wished for,
But you are loved for
What you are:
My bed

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