My Love

May 8, 2013
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For years I’ve been afraid,
Afraid to love and be loved,
Afraid of rejection,
Afraid and keeping
My heart protected.

Not letting anyone enter,
My heart grew lonely and sad
Not finding the one,
I grew depressed and mad

That’s how I was until the day I met you
With one glance and a single chance
I instantly fell in love with you

It struck me like a bolt of lighting,
Right out of a thunder storm.
Coursing through my body,
I can feel it getting warm
like poison I can feel it spread
Starting at my toes,
Then slowly rising to my head

The first thing that caught my eye,
Was the raw beauty of the angel
Like she had recently fallen from the sky
Her smile more beautiful than
Mother nature’s best
My hearts racing at the moment
Just feel my chest

Her eyes more beautiful than
Night time skies
Her beauty compares to
A goddess in human disguise

Her beauty is that of a million diamonds
Shinning in the light
A billion suns would be
Less as bright

Now that I met the one,
I think I can open my heart
Give you the key and unlock the door
But before you do
There’s something more
I think I love you
Now I’m starting to adore
This beautiful angel that has blessed me

My love grows by the day
Not stopping for a thing
It will forever be strong
Last a life time long

My love could sail a thousand seas
Conquer the biggest of waves
And still be as strong as ever
It could climbs Everest
A Million times or two..
Through the ice and the cold
It still stands strong
Surviving the worst of weather

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angel_of_silence said...
Jun. 26, 2013 at 4:15 pm
i love it, it reminds me of something that happened with myslef except with a guy :P great work
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