My Dream

May 8, 2013
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Oh how we wish,
That they would come true.
Mine was complete,
The very day I met you.
For many years I’ve searched,
Searched for that special someone.
I eventually grew tiresome,
And all my faith began to dissipate.
All hope was gone,
Dissolved into dust.
But like dust in the wind
I follow the winds of fait,
And it led me to you.
As the dust settles,
I can see
The beautiful angel
Who has blessed me
Many things have been made clear,
One, life’s full
Of unexpected turns
Two, that happiness is
Just around the corner
And three, expect the unexpected
These three things
I have learned
Because for so long
My heart has yearned
Yearned for happiness
Just a little bliss
But the day I laid my eyes
Upon you
I instantly knew
That you had something special
Something deep within
That made you so unique
Later I got to know
The real you
The real you, you don’t show
The mask you wear,
Hides your true beauty
You need to break free of these
The chains that hold you down
Break away from the norm
And be yourself
Be yourself, because I love you
I love your laugh,
I love your smile.
I love your eyes
I’d love to..
Walk you down the isle
I love you from deep within
I love you with my very soul
You make me whole
Without the blessing
From my angel
My world will crash
And spiral out of control
Sending me into
A dark oblivion

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