May 7, 2013
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They utter false accusations, words inked onto the souls of misguided sleepwalkers
Claiming my cloak, my veil of hypnosis, a subconscious dreamland
Fostered crimes against humanity. But those not under my sweet ecstasy are only talkers
Foreign to the thought of action with such a bitter sense of narcissism, a kind of hypocrite brand.

Unknowing are people of daylight because those they place on pedestals are taught
Corruption comes with wielding power
Those called the thinkers have not thought a single thought
And the sinners are the architects of the church tower, waiting for their final hour

The cynical insomniacs and the discarded hush the voices in their heads, losing sanity

A twisted sister to reality. The majority governed by minority,
Whispers profanities into the guilty light, Hemera and her followers poisoned by vanity
The disillusioned, poor souls bestowed with illness in day, escape with me from the authority

So this is anarchy, those living in the parallel are living in a paradox. Band of brothers,
Swear by the moon and live under the stars, a revolution is coming , much darker than the others

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