The One

May 6, 2013
Down beneath what you see
There's something most find unknown
But if you look hard enough
You might catch what I have thrown

Adventures with you are the best
They can put our minds to the test
Even if we go insane
I'll like you just the same

Now you see me
And now you don't
I would ask you
But I guess I won't

In your eyes I see a galaxy
Filled with many stars you see
They make me want to travel the world
And see the clouds as they are twirled

Every time we're together
I wish time would stop in its tracks
We could be for forever
Those are the simple facts

Liking you could be a first
Telling you will be unrehearsed
But when you see this can we try
Try and make the love birds fly

Ready or not this is it
Afterwards don't be inactive
Are you gonna throw a fit
That would be most unattractive

One plus one is one
Why not a date
Being with you us so much fun
Who says you aren't my fate

Grateful to God I am for you
If only I could tell how you helped make me new
God has greatly blessed me
I do hope you will not flee

Every time I see your smile
It reminds me I'm alive
Things might not be for a while
But you make me want to thrive

Reliving every moment
That you and I have spent
Sure it can be torturous
But I believe in us

Pardon moi
But can't you see
That I like you
And it seems you like me

Rain can go away
Like tear drops and yesterdays
Rings of fire rays of sunshine
Who needs them please me mine

Any time we're together
You're a bright spot in my day
I wish that it could last forever
I don't know what else to say

Time will tell where this leads
Try not to make my heart bleed
You are one of my best friends
Could there be something around the bend

Turn out, things just might
Or could this all be a mask
All I want is to hear a good night
Is that too much to ask

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