Maybe Me

May 3, 2013
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I am me… maybe.
To define myself as
The daughter of a man
To say I need the help
Of a man
How can I say
I dream of being independent
When I fear leavning his home
I fear my dreams
The future
And the truth
I pretend
I am in another life
One of adventure
Where good wins
And my future

I am me… I think.
Sister to a harsh reality
Of the pain
And war
This country is in
I fear when he leaves
And dream of him coming home
Just in time for Christmas
I want to say I believe
In what he is doing
I wonder if his death
Could make anything better

I am me… or you.
I understand
Why you don’t like me
I say what I don’t mean
Just in hopes to make you like me
I try to do right by you
I see you backing away
…but I just push harder.

And life is difficult
And my dreams are dead
And what I say and mean
Are two different things
And I hope that
If I dream
And hope
And try
And wonder
And love
Strong enough
My future

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