Perfectly Wrong

April 24, 2013
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They say opposites attract
And that’s how I found him
He lit up the whole room
And attracted all of the attention
I was scared to fly
And I faded into the background

But the moment I met him
Everything changed
You helped me fly
Until I fell too hard in love with him

There was no turning back
I was head over heels adoring him
But he changed everything
When he found somebody else
To love him like I couldn’t

I guess he wanted more
Or he just didn’t want me
But whatever it was
He didn’t choose me

And he changed my life for better
But also for the worse
And we were perfectly wrong
For each other

I remember when he called me up
To cancel our relationship
Like an appointment to the doctor’s office
It meant so little to him
And I know that now

Thank you for helping me realize
That I don’t need you anymore

I can fly on my own now
And next time I meet somebody
I’ll think twice because of him

I hope he’s happy now
Because I sure am
It was too good to be true
I know the whole time
That we were perfectly wrong
For each other

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