I Used To Think

April 24, 2013
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I used to think that he had no flaws
And was the most perfect of them all
Until his words started to hurt
Like deep bearing claws

I stood there and watched every last piece
Of his soul deteriorate away
But the pain would never cease
And at the end of the day his mood would start to sway

That’s what happens when you’re so hooked
When you just can’t let go
I still remember the way that he looked
Like when a friend becomes your foe
The deep creviced lines of his face

When he made it clear to me that I was
Just too much of a waste
For him to pay attention to me cause
He had never had a taste
Of what he so generously dished out to everyone

I can’t count the tears I’ve cried
Or the nights I’ve wondered
Why did he have to take all of my pride?
And make me have doubt in everything I pondered

I used to think that everything was fine
Until he let his demons out
And they chased me deep into the pines
At least there I didn’t have to worry about
The biggest demon of all, the one that chased me out

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