Candle Light

April 24, 2013
Like a candle flame,
You tower over those,
Burning red with Nazi fame,

Your eyes blaze evil,
Your heart is blackened and chard,
You rely on the people of Germany,
The Aryans the Perfects,
To train and be your army,

Like you they’re burning flames,
Like you they Despise the Jews,
You kill These harmless people,
You believe you are a German God,
You think your people love you,

Maybe they don’t.

Maybe one day they’ll look back,
And realize what they’ve done,
What You’ve made them to be,
Human killing machines,

Because someday you’ll have a price to pay,
A lesson to learn,
Since every dangerous flame can always be blown out,

All that will be left is a blackened mark,
Your mess will be there,
For everyone to see

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