Pulling Me In Two

April 24, 2013
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Housing two at once, mentally, the Good, the Bad,
Insanity for all…
One is saying, screaming like a child, “No! Don’t, it’s not right to hurt feelings.”
The other casually argues, “What, afraid to fight back? You’re afraid to show the true side?”
I side with the Good,
But the Bad has its back-ups, its gangs…
Want comes out to play, toying with Urge. “You want to tell the secret, you know you should… would ruin his career, bring him down.”

Sometimes Good has its weakness of Hurt, “No, no please don’t say that…”
And Bad replies with Mock, “And that’s why you’re weak, no anger, no strength, no purpose of being.”
And Good turns to Desperate, Depressed,
Letting it turn and toss into Corrupt,
And it appears as though Good is lost, no match,
Covered like a mere toss of a blanket- Quell.

Bad now takes me over, its conquest now becomes its food,
Now Dictating, a tyrant within;
Physically and mentally, I’m engaged,
Robbed, and abused, bankrupt of Right,
As I abuse those around me-
The ones that would have supported the Good.
For what it was- Weak- Impractical- Ineffective- Unproductive- a Nonentity.

Gone, seems Gone, all but Lost, all but Hollow.
We then seek the inexhaustible source of Hope.

Hope sees humans as they are- Imperfect.
That leads to mistakes, and with those mistakes, there’s that slip in that remorseful void,
That enables Good to revive.
Good finds
Strength, Reason, Advantageous, Beneficial, Order, and beyond Justice,
Above all, we attain Influence.

Let me give you this, my friend, for when the Light and Dark, Yin and Yang, pulls you in two:
That Revival is the last and only resort when Good fights for all.

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