My Thoughts are the stars, my words are the constellations

May 6, 2013
I cannot speak because I am afraid of my thoughts
Thoughts that have the power to change people and things
Opinions and events
But I cannot speak
So I write
Writing takes my scattered thoughts and turns them into constellations
Images that show you who I am, what I can do
But writing isn't enough
What good are stars that cannot shine?
Constellations that aren't seen?
I write them down, I type them up and I search
Search for contests, websites to take my silent thoughts
Silent thoughts, that when on paper, scream at you with meaning and purpose
I am hurt!
I am happy!
I'm alive!
I am here!
For the love of God please hear me!

To be a poet, a writer, means having a notebook with you everywhere
A place for your thoughts to lay and fallen stars to land
Because to be a poet means we are always inspired
To a non-writer, a dove in front of the sun is a bird in the way
To a writer, it is so much more
The sun is the only bright spot in your hectic, stressful life and the bird is a thief
Stealing your sun
Your shining light
Your happiness
But as quickly as that winged thief came, taking your star
it is gone again leaving the light in its wake
Shining brighter than ever before
And just as you got through the bird with the stolen sun,
You will get through your dark spot
Your misfortune
Your stress
Because you know what it was like to be without the sun
Your bright light that made things worth seeing
But you've got it back and you'll hold on tight
And you're never letting it go again

To be a poet means you think differently; you say things differently
And the only way it makes sense
Is paper to pen, words to page

My thoughts are the scattered stars
My words are the constellations

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