That Magical Black Beverage

May 5, 2013
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Deep in the plush, red-brown leather chair I sat,
Pondering life's great secrets in the warmly lit room.
The sharp yet rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee lingered about, with just a hint of vanilla teasing the edge of my perception.
As I raised my steaming beverage to eager lips,
The green fish lady smiled politely at me,
And with a grateful nod in her direction I poured the hot black liquid over my tongue.
Heat seared my foolish taste buds,
And I swallowed hoping to rid myself of the pain.
As the heated drink slid down my throat,
Warmth spread down my chest and into my limbs.
This magical concoction brought me to life,
It produced a dull buzz of nervous energy,
That I transferred into script as the world around me began to sing.
It was not the buzz of conversation floating about,
No, I began to pick up on the music of the unseen.
Things so obvious, one would hardly consider them to be of importance, yet so beautiful I could not resist.
I will speak for the unnoticed, the insignificant.
I will tell their stories.
I will ponder life's great secrets, seated in that plush, red-brown leather chair, sipping on that magical black beverage.

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