May 5, 2013
My room is my sanctuary
Away on the side of the house
It shields me from the anger
To it I run like a mouse.
My room is my sanctuary
With its locking door,
Behind it I stand quivering
Wishing to hide here evermore.
My room is my sanctuary
My haven, my safe place
Safe in my mind
When I need some space.
My room is my sanctuary
When life gives chase,
I come in here often
To hide my tear-stained face.
My room is my sanctuary,
You can come in too,
Need a place to hide?
there's space for two.

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Odie said...
May 11, 2013 at 2:32 am
I love this poem.  We all need a safe place to retreat too sometimes.  I like the end when you invite the reader to join you!
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