Her mask

May 4, 2013
She slits her wrists every night
Because of you
And still you don’t care
She writes in blood, her name
Across the letters she gives to you
And still you don’t care
She cries as she cuts her stomach
Becomes hungry more and more each day
And still you don’t care
So I sit here
Watching, listening, crying along with her
Invisible cries
Because she is gone
And still he doesn’t care
He waits for someone else to come
He only cried once
For the many times I have cried for her
Because he never did anything
Because he never cared
Never bothered to kiss her and tell her
She was everything to him
He never did tell her that
Maybe because he never really loved her
The way someone else might have loved her
But she was never to know that,
No one bothered to tell her
Now he has his arm around a promise
To a girl, other than her shadow
He doesn’t follow her shadow with roses
Like a real boy should
He doesn’t flinch, and brush back tears
As your name is mentioned
I do
I brush away those tears
He doesn’t
And still he doesn’t care
He still keeps his promise with that
Blonde haired girl who will give anything away
Just to keep him by her side
I wished he did something
When he had the chance
It’s too late
I could’ve been the girl with the promise
But I wasn’t
I will never be,
The girl with the promise
Yesterday, those three words slipped
Out of his open mouth
“ I love you.”
I guess I was wrong about him
Being heartless
Tomorrow he won’t be here…
Killing himself, the way you did
Maybe he really did care about her
The way I did
Then I found out the reason
Why he took the razor to his perfectly
Tanned skin with no imperfect marks
That blonde haired girl never existed
He walked through the halls alone
But now he is gone
No one did anything about it
I sit in that bathroom stall,
Shirt drenched with salty tasting tears
Wondering why I didn’t do anything about it
Why I am now the “bad” one
I can’t think of any reasons
Why they are now, both gone
Only that they were two people in love
The only difference between the two of
Them is that he never cared
And she did
She let her dreams of fairytales go
And watched as she painted
Her own picture a fierce blood red
She watched as she dribbled a visible line
Of blood down to where she would
End up claiming nothing
He did the same thing, letting his tough
Boy hood float off,
Leaving nothing but shattered glass
As the result of a bloody suicide
He slit his wrists because of her
He loved her
But the end came sooner than he thought
And now I am the only one
That has been left to suffer
With the pain of what was lost
To a stupid mistake boy
Who pretended to not care
And to a stupid girl who never
Was patient enough to wait for his
Precious words;
“ I love you.”
And now those three words belong
To a no one
No where.

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sarah98 said...
May 9, 2013 at 5:41 pm
Raven15 said...
May 9, 2013 at 3:03 pm
This is really powerful and well done...
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