A Tragic Flashback During Class

May 2, 2013
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I'm sitting at my desk and time ticks on,
I stare occasionally at the time on my phone,
The teacher is talking but to my ears she is not heard,
By those memories my mind continues to be lured,
I know I should try to pay attention,
But I should mention,
My body is in class but my mind is nowhere near,
As I fear,
I am back on the bus chatting with a friend,
Until my cellphone rang,
My mom called and I am curious as to why,
I left home and said goodbye,
Our greetings are short because she has news,
In my head I'm searching for clues,
She's always blunt so she came out and said it,
The news couldn't have been more tragic,
TIme had slowed and my whole world collapsed,
I dropped the phone which landed in my lap,
The tears started streaming and my body heaved forward,
My friend grabs me and I lean in to her
The tears start streaming and my ears fill with screaming,
Already my chest was tired of heaving,
My head's pulled to something soft and my back is patted,
I try to speak but my mouth worked against me,
She led me off the bus and to my class,
On the way kids stop, stare, and gasp,
A girl is crying and nobody knows why,
I'm not sure I know why but still I cry,
Before my butt hits the seat,
I am called to be released,
I run down the hall and into my mothers arms,
She's only the least bit alarmed,
Mom tells me to take it easy because we don't know the full extent,
But this news doesn't calm to my heart's content,
Still I dry the tears and pray for the best,
And for 5 minutes my nerves have rest,
Until we arrive to a sight that is more bewildering surprising,
I see everyone standing outside weeping and crying,
I hop out and ask "what is everyone doing here",
Everywhere I look there is a tear,
My uncle grabs my mother by the hand then pulls her near,
His next words I overheard but could not bear,
My mother was wounded and I saw her heart tear apart,
I am now fatherless and my heart too falls apart,
I collapse on the concrete,
My head hitting the ground,
And I am interrupted again,
To the sound of the bell.

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