tortured love

May 3, 2013
Why must you make me go through this
When you tear me into pieces so that you can be happy
Why must you give me these choices
Must you bring me temptation
You have tried killing me but it hasn't worked
Why must you try time and time again
This is not for my benefit, this is torture
Why must you put me through this
Is it because I hurt you
I didn't mean to and you know it
Never in my life have I tried to hurt you
And I regret that I did every day of my wretched life
But what’s done is done
Why cant you forgive me
Will I ever feel happiness again
I think not for you put me in this torture
Never did I call you my own
Even though I always wanted to
But never did you let me so I didn't
And now you put me through this tortured love

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