May 3, 2013
When can I live alone
Just so I can think and be in solitude
Never in my life will I be able to call anyone my own
For I will be alone for the rest of my life
The fact that I am going crazy
Just makes matters worse
I guess I will be utterly alone for the rest of my days
Because no one likes me and never will
Why should anyone like me
I’ve never given a valid reason
And now as I make my descent into madness
I am more alone than ever
I will die alone because people shun me
Please accept me for I don’t want to be alone any more
Maybe I don’t have the most handsome face
Or the most delicate hands
Or a nicely sculpted body
But I do have what most men do not
A loving and caring heart
But no one wants it because I don’t have those other things
So as I go into solitude I seal my fate
Forever in the rest of my days I will be alone

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