May 3, 2013
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I'm an extra,
The outcast.
I guess,
I'm not surprised.
That's how it always is,
And has always been.

It isn't fun,
To always be,
Left out.
I don't know why,
But I can't,
Enjoy myself,
Around others.

I try so hard,
Just to fit in.
But most of the time,
It doesn't work,
And in the end,
I'm still left out.

I see all of the,
“Couples”, and I,
Want to be,
One of them.
It hurts that
No one chooses me.

I can't look at anyone,
Because they're all,
Holding hands,
Or kissing,
And I want it,
Maybe too much.

I've never had a boyfriend,
Though I have,
Fallen in love.
They say love doesn't hurt,
But I'm proof,
That it does.

I'm stuck
Between outcast,
And heartbroken.
I could be both,
Am I?
I don't know.

What is it like?
I'm in love,
But I've never,
Been loved.
Is it really,

I've seen how happy,
Girls are,
When they like someone,
And that someone,
Likes them back.
It's so cute.

I watch now,
From a distance.
There's no need,
To point out that,
I love a kid,
Who doesn't love me back.

I'll let him choose,
He likes her,
And I'm okay,
With it.
I'm just fine,

Sure, I'm an extra,
An outcast,
The one always left out.
I don't fit in,
But you know what?
Someday I will.

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