The Girl

April 18, 2013
One word.

I walk down a narrow road.
Not sure of where I was headed.
I saw a girl.
A young girl.
With long messy, brown hair.
Blowing swiftly in the wind.
Wearing a dirty white dress.

She stands in a wheat field.
Watching the ocean of fluff sway in the wind.
Her back away from me.
I stood a distance from her.
Observing her every move.
But, she didn’t move.
She had her feat planted in the ground.

I walked closer to her.
Curiousity loves me.
I had no idea why.
Or what I as doing.
But I had to go up to her.

I reached my hand out.
Touching her shoulder.
She turned my direction.
Shock filled her face.
I jumped back and gasped.

We both looked at each other in silence.
Her eyes.
Something about them.
They tortured me.
I felt like I was being chocked.
As if her eyes controlled me.
An agonizing pain.

My back began to give out.
I tried to scream in agony.
The excrutiating pain.
It wouldn’t stop.
I fell to the ground.
Her eyes.
They kept staring at me.
The face of innocence turned to terror.
A horrific terror.
Those eyes.
Those painful eyes hit me like knives.

I couldn’t breath.
She walked closer to me.
Staring at me.
I spat out blood.
I was being torn apart on the inside.
She knelt down beside me
Screaming in my face
Then her hand,
Reached out to my face.

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illuminated_darkness said...
May 7, 2013 at 6:18 pm
You're a beautiful writer. I want more!
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