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May 2, 2013
Warm breeze ruffles my hair in darkness.
Night enfolds my body in relief;
I submerge myself in the beat
Coursing through the car.
My eyes wander over the road in contemplation:
Deserted place, dead of silence.

A chirp in the silence,
I am not alone: The darkness
Explodes. Hundreds of crickets contemplating
Their next meal. Companions, what relief.
Although I loved the silence, the car
A lonesome buoy, floating on the steady beat.

Thoughts calm with the crickets beating
Noise. I fall into a limbo of silence.
Wandering mind from the tight car
Out into the depthless void of darkness.
Time slows. Again a sigh of relief.
Heat and sweat. Endless days I contemplate.

One night will die. Just time for contemplation.
The sole survivor I will hear the beat of
Droning voices. I have memories for relief.
Always trying, racing back to crickets and silence.
Escape. It’s this summer night’s darkness.
Time lapse. To fall, float. A bird in a car.

Freedom for wings. Fluttering to open the window
With fingers tracing the wind in silence,
Relishing the caresses of darkness.
Whistling speed. Racing in a heartbeat,
Ghosts: rows of white picket fences, statues of silence.
Childhood, what images of dollhouses. Relief

For life of home. A fire, no drafts, what relief
In my etches of that city. No birdcage. Not a car
Only rain and laughter. Just a black and white silent
Movie of remembrance. Recalled in contemplation.
Yes, this time of warmth would fade in a beat.
Dead of dolls, warmth of summer. Road of darkness.

Turning, I see light. In contemplation
Of my silent heart. Fluttered shut, my eyes see home in the dark.

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