Midnight Meeting This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

May 2, 2013
A wisp of moonlight lingers faintly in my soul;
haunting melody hanging outside
the open window.
in the pale beyond,
past the window-
Splendid Wonder dances
as the crickets sing harmony,
stirring and pleading me to follow.
On the edge of decision
I hesitate-
smelling freedom in the summers night air,
filtering through the screen.
A firefly breeze ruffles my hair.
I can wait no more.
The moonlight wisps murmur excitedly
as I crawl out the window,
into the arms of the trusting oak.
Upwards I climb,
hugging sturdy branches-
higher with each step-
Until- do I dare go up any farther?
I shiver in the utmost
branches, reaching-
for the distant silver Moon;
who is spreading out her
glowing wings
into the night sky.
I sit contentedly in a familiar crook
of the branches.
Full of joy-
Quivering in delight
Patiently listening
to what the crickets
and the wisps of moonlight
will share with me tonight.

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