The Sun Will Rise

May 1, 2013
By aspiringpoet13 GOLD, White Marsh, Virginia
aspiringpoet13 GOLD, White Marsh, Virginia
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I’m so tired of being afraid
Of the world around me
Constantly looking over
My shoulder, terrified of living my life
Is that too much to ask?

When I look at him
I see the blood in his eyes,
I see the pain behind his pride,
I see nobody by his side
He pushed me away and he needs to live with his choice

He swallowed me then spit me out
I was like a one trick pony
That ran out of uses, he was
Incapable of being a father so
He made a mistake that he will regret forever and ever

All I have to say is he doesn’t deserve me
He’s not worthy anymore
The war is far from over
But I’m confident in the fact
That justice will prevail one day
And this is not my surrender
His words no longer defeat me

He said he needed me
Then he cut me down
Thanks for the insults
I’m stronger because of his arrogance

Every night I want to cry
Curl into a ball and scream
Scream because he’s never
Held accountable, never
But he doesn’t get to see the tears
I cry behind these big brown eyes

I used to stand so tall
I used to be so strong
I lost myself for a little while
But the more I write
The more I find myself
I don’t stay down for long
The courtroom is my battlefield
And my words and thoughts
Do more damage than any
Gun or blade could ever achieve

Nobody can understand
The mess that I am
I’m a tangle of powerful words
And tears waiting to burst
Mixed with a lot of independence
And a dash of strength

And every time I think the day
Won’t break the sunless night
I remember the sun will rise
Because I’m living my truth
Without his lies and when I’ve
Lost my light, I remember
The sun will rise and I will rise

Along with it, a ray of bright light
Compared to his forever state of gloominess

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