that dark feeling

May 1, 2013
That dark feeling I have deep in my gut
What is the cause of it
Is it the fact that I am alone
Or is it because no one cares
I might never know
All I know is that it wont go away
Should I end it or should I go on
So many people toy with me
I am starting to get tired of it
Now a great war has started
And this time I am not backing down
Why do people want to control me
My life is my own and I will go to war
The fuel that propels me… no one knows it
But it is that dark feeling I always have
It is there gnawing at my gut
Eating it very slowly as to control me
Just the same as everyone else
Why cant you leave me be so I can create my own fate
Never will anyone understand me
I am unpredictable in so many ways
No one will ever guess… it is that dark feeling that propels me

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