Little Flame

April 30, 2013
Excuse me little flame,
Why do you burn so bright?
What is your game?
Why do you continue to fight?
Your string is nearly gone,
Wax long since left you alone,
Will you shine for an eon?
For as your fuse shrunk, you have grown.
You, little flame, are my friend,
You, my inferno, know to survive.
I love the warm heat you lend,
I wish I could have your drive,
Perhaps you can teach me,
Perhaps you already are,
Secretly telling me to be free.
To break from this prison, bar by bar?
I will take your advice my fire,
I will no longer take orders,
No longer be controlled by desire,
I will break these friggin` borders.
I will do what I want to do,
I will be a free spirit,
I am a different person, brand new,
And I will make everyone hear it!
You truly are my blessing, I hope me and you are the same,
Thank you for the lesson,
My bright little flame.

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