Unruly Wiring

April 28, 2013
By Pareidolia GOLD, Kasilof, Alaska
Pareidolia GOLD, Kasilof, Alaska
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"I'll make my way, until the universe can fit inside my heart"

The brain is a fatty mass of tissue present in most animal species, which serves to carry out all bodily functions as it is the control center of the body.
The brain is a versatile, adapting, demanding organ; of all animal species, humans tend to have the most highly developed fatty masses of tissue, due to their advanced cognitive ability and and reasoning skills, coupled with the unruliness of bad wiring. My experience thus far being the second half of the dynamic duo that is my fatty squiggly lobes and I has been an insightful and enlightening experience; however, due to some unruly wiring, or something along the lines of that, I'm subject often to the side-effects of existential confusion and twitchy analyzation. My reptilian brain has a need for speed, or adderall.
Currently, my brain's wiring is in over analyzation mode. What's making me beat all of these horse corpses? The corpses are corpses. That's all they are. They will not judge your personality, they will not jump up and stamp on your quirky idealism. They're corpses that are dead.
Alrighty reptilian brain, it's time to stop.

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