Pain My Dear

April 29, 2013
Settle down my dear
My chest lies flat now
The grounds and sounds are still
You've gained your infamous glory
I've lost my war
And pictures, past open eyes they run
A memory movie of the days battled away
Oh how your presence gleamed
Rattled my knees
Held me to the wall as time
devoured my every second
A chair, hard backed and alone
In the darkest of empty rooms
My hands tremored, but time and time again I stood up from that chair
Only for time and time again you sent me crawling back
Scream, you said
And oh I roared like a man
And a man F***ing roars doesn't he?
You feasted on those broken sounds
You drank from my eyes those tears of might
Persist no more
For you have consumed me
I lay down this era of fighting
Into your bleak and dismal hands
I'm yours my darling
All else has gone away

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