Puzzle Pieces

April 29, 2013
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series of unfortunate events
our relationship was or is if you prefer
i don't know why i always fell for your bologna sandwiches
not so much head over heels as in over my head
but i've always been a sucker for the broken
i come running with my small hands to put it back together
my cup runneth over
but with false hope
so i'm a dog chasing a bird
because you fly away and i'm penned in a fence
just friends is like offering a virgin screwdriver
only getting the acidic orange and missing the vodka high
so do i choose to run from who it is i love
because the love is one-way like a street downtown
or do i stay near because i just want to know
how you're living without me like a forgotten toy
you were back in my life and the pieces started to make sense
the puzzle was coming together again
but now i'm left here standing in my own blood
because you break my heart over and over

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