The Perfect One

April 28, 2013
If you were never in my life I would have created a man like you to be in my life
Perfect!Just as tall as you are … light skin green eyes pink lips and brown hair
Eyes as clear as the sky in the summer
I would have drawn you picture on paper
And curved your voice on paper
I would have let your hair be a garden full of beautiful flowers
Hands and fingers that swim in water and have no fear of drowning
I would have stayed up a whole night just to hear the music of your necklace smoothly touching your chest
If you were never my destiny … I would have lived to make you in my destiny
If you were never in my life I would have never had a life

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Emma Jackson said...
May 2, 2013 at 3:46 pm
This reminded me of my fiance, he is in deployment overseas. Thank you for writing this and a bigger thank you for letting us read it, i love it.
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