Psychotic Love's Aftermath

April 27, 2013
I'm not sure
Does talking about you make it better or worse?
Was it my imagination, how perfect we were?
When you left, you left my heart with a curse.

I went to work today.
The kids asked about you
All I could say was "Uncle is okay."
I didn't know what to do

A movie reminded me of you.
I cried for hours
She called tear ducts bad
I had to lie.
I said they were happy tears, when I was sad.

People still ask about you.
It tears me to pieces
I wish I could just say, "who?"
My fake smile is leaving me with real creases

I miss you
Do you miss me, too?
Do you think about me when you see that old place we ran to when I got scared?
Some of my friends think you never cared...

It hurts being away from you...
I want to be mad
Hate you
But I can't.

I love you.

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