I was on a Walk

April 26, 2013
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I was on a walk today, and
I saw a shawled saggy woman,
shuffling hurriedly in the cold.
She murmured incantations
beneath her breath, and
her eyes were big and dark,
frantic and busy.

I was on a walk today, and
I heard the blasting of
hard old bitter music as I
approached a parked car.
The man inside blew out
a cloud of cigarette smoke.
His mouth curled into
a weary scowl.

I was on a walk today, and
head bowed, I spotted
a pair of squashed Nikes.
Their pale New English owner
had an eighties cut,
shaved in the back,
tailored to his large squarish head.

I was on a walk today and
was nearly hit over the head
by a snowball.
Its target was a black boy
in a too-big winter coat,
who was grinning
at someone past me.
His arm was raised,
ready to launch a clump of white
at his companion.

I was on a walk today, and
a familiar stranger
caught my eye.
We did a bit of staring,
before shrugging it off,
continuing on our
separate paths.

I was on a walk today, and
I saw a tired man wearing
dull clothes, a target bag,
and a sock monkey
on his head.
He trudged on
with a small smile
and glazed over eyes,
at home in the grey.

I was on a walk today, and
I saw a little scurrying figure
with hair ribbons and a backpack.
Pink-clad and easily spotted,
she sprang across the street,
only opening her eyes
when she reached the other side.

I was on a walk today
in downtown Newmarket,
and I saw a very odd person
walking straight towards me.
When we both halted, startled,
I found myself gazing
into the eyes of my own reflection
in the glass of the storefronts.

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