April 25, 2013
Such a seemingly simple color,
“Do you feel blue?”
Such a strange question, you could answer with your best Smart Alec reply,
“What kind of blue, aqua, baby, sky?”
What a complex little colored crayon,
How complex could a Crayola color be?
You color the ocean, the sky, your tears with it.
Ah, there’s the key word
Tears. Sadness.
Tears aren’t really blue but when a person colors in tears they color them blue.
Because blue is associated with sadness.
Well, I don’t think that’s an easy question to answer.
The sky is associated with clarity.
Blue is associated with the sky.
Shouldn’t blue by default be associated with clarity?
What else is blue associated with,
the ocean.
Ah there’s the catch.
The ocean varies in blues, from light to dark.
It ranges in calm, to ripping currents.
Tsunamis, or tide pools.
All up to fate.
Blue is unpredictable.
Seemingly calm, serene at the surface.
Easily changed by the winds of turmoil and destruction.
From a calm wave to devastating tidal wave.
It changes in the blink of an eye
Just as soon it is back to the way it was.
No evidence left on the surface.
Not a ripple in sight.
But deeper within,
life is destroyed.
“I look blue?”
“Don’t overanalyze me,
some things are much simpler than you make them.
Consider this,
Blue is simply, blue.”

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