Why Daddy

April 23, 2013
By , grand island, NY
Long sleeved shirts,
to cover the marks.
Dark blue and black,
covering all body parts.

Screaming heard down the road,
crying heard across the street.
Why daddy, why.

Glass shattered across the room,
speckled with blood.
sweeping up my life with the broom,
fluids mixed with mud.

sleeping on cement floors,
crying myself to sleep
tormented in my dreams,
promises no one can keep.

Marks around my neck,
pain inside no one sees
inside I'm a wreck,
no one knows what i't s like to be me.

At school they taunt and tease me.
Because i'm not good in public.
i don't understand how people work,
i want to learn, but i'm outcast.

Blood drips down my arms at night,
seeping into my sheets.
wanting to give up this everlasting fight,
to the end, you have first row seats.

Why daddy, why.

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