My Room

April 26, 2013
My room is very special to me
It is where I spend most of my time in
It is where I relax, where ideals come to me, where I cry

My room is like my best friend
She is always there when I need her and is never too busy to hear me out
She is someone who I can depend on
Always wearing a pink-peach colored shirt and jeans
She has brown puffy hair
And deep brown eyes

My room is not organize or clean
It is not big or has a lot of things
The walls hear positive and negative things

My room is not placed in the best neighborhood
Or in the prettiest house
It is not own my the best people

My room has lived for about 130 years
So it is not in the best shape
It has had some history
And not all of it is positive

But it is my room
Where I’ve spend 7 years of my life
My room possesses some of my best memories and history

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QueenOfRayge said...
Apr. 29, 2013 at 5:20 pm
I can really realte to this poem. I like it a lot!
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