Poisoned By Words

April 23, 2013
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His blood is pumping through my veins
Yet he’s the one who’s nowhere to be found
Even though he’s absent from my life
He’s left scars all over my heart

I wonder what it’s really like
To be genuinely happy
To not have fear looming over me
I hope I find out one day

I could probably drown in my own tears
And they just keep coming
Just like my pain, it never ends
I’m surrounded by people, yet I’m all alone

But it’s too late to apologize
For the words he injected into my veins
He tainted my pride, forever poisoned
By a toxic love that didn’t last
And will never be rekindled

I have better things to do
Than wait around for him to realize
What he’s missing by cutting
Me out of his life… permanently

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