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April 23, 2013
Just a teen in front of a computer
Browsing the web one mundane day
Decides to join a blogging site
They sign up - deftly typing in their email and unique username
Agreeing to all the terms and conditions [without really reading them]
Only getting started, not knowing what to do
For a social networking site, they’d never felt so alone
Lost and wandering
On a plane in cyberspace
A thousand miles away
Another teen was doing the same
But far more experienced and knowledgeable
When it came to meandering down the very same plane
Maybe it was mere coincidence
While others would call it fate
As one day, these two bloggers’ paths had met
They had crossed each other,
A paradoxically ubiquitous but rare occurrence
It was like a brief moment of contact,
Where they’d proverbially touched and static had shocked them both;
They thought nothing of it initially
Interactions began silently at first
Liking each other’s posts,
Sharing one another’s stories for others to see
It was only a matter of time
Before one of them had made the move, and said hello;
The silent but mutual respect they’d shared kindled a ferocious flame
“I like you blog!” one teen said
“I like your blog, too!” the other teen said
An acquaintanceship was begun
Now, each would respond to the other’s posts, with increasing frequency
As they got to know each other and spoke of certain things
Closer and closer they grew without even being aware of it
Small talk and chit-chat evolved into discussions and delectable discourse;
Trust and love perpetuated themselves
As both would lose sleep
Just to hear from the other
They only wish
Hugging their computer, were like hugging them
So many alternatives, but all paled
When juxtapositioned to the thought
Of seeing them right in front of one another
Hearing their voice
Only through a microphone
Not able to look
Directly into their eyes
Of course, there are the ups, and there are the downs
But nevertheless, the plans are eventually made
“Where? When? What day, and what time?”
The crucial questions
Answered and all figured out
All that was left to do now,
Was save up, and wait
The day of departure had come for one;
The final day of waiting had arrived for the other
One boards the plane
The other enters the terminal
Hours fly by at 30,000 feet, trying to snooze away the travel,
But too excited to get any shut eye
There’ll be time for that later, the one thought
The airplane lands,
And so does the other’s heart as they receive a text that reads, “I’m here!”
At the bottom of their chest
Only to ascend up to their throat,
Seeing the one looking lost until they shout their name
Both of their eyes light up, bursting with jubilee
They go dashing for each other
Colliding and spinning around, intertwined
Smiles face to face
Nose to nose
Arm in arm
All was serene, in this moment
A bond was solidified and could never be broken
The gap had been closed, the distance between them both

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