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April 23, 2013
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I was raised by the Easter Bunny, Santa and the Tooth Fairy,
Brushing my teeth twice a day,
Singing happy birthday 3 times,
And then swooshing with mouthwash for 40 seconds.

I still got cavities.
I was raised by Lemon Cupcakes that left zings in your mouth and
Burger king that never got old.

I was raised in restaurants,
Shirley Temples while daddy worked,
Sitting at the bar coloring,
“Daddy look! This color’s called brick wall red! Look daddy! This one’s called macaroni yellow!”

I was raised on broken pinky promises, and mothers,
I was raised on wood stacking, snap bracelets and dirty rooms.

I was raised on squeaky waxed basketball floors and
Grass stained soccer cleats,
Sorry!, Dominos and Candyland.

I was raised on “pick a number between one and ten” or “Roshambo for it!”
I was raised with a VERY predictable twin sister (she picks 7 and paper every time) shhh…

I was raised by Simba and Rosey, cats that i
Toted around and dressed like baby dolls, walking
Down the street in my bare feet carrying them in my stroller.

I was raised on Detroit Lions and bad losing streaks,
Spending the night at grandma’s house.

I was raised on “Kevin you better get the shotgun ready for when those girls grow up!” But in reality my dad had never shot a gun in his life, so I convinced myself that he’d miss the target when the time came.

I was raised by cursers and sinners and don’t repeat my mistakers.
I was raised by a shattered family but grew up whole.

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