Story of my life

April 23, 2013
You'll control my life, and now I know why.
somehow in my ignorance, I made you more than yourself, you became more than a person, you became an unmovable force, that was a thousand miles away in the same room.
you were a friend, a stranger, and a desire all rolled into one.
you once told me of your past, you've walked through mountains while I only sat upon them.
how can I fell strongly for you when the definition of the emotion I feel is undefined.
The wind doesn't always keep secrets
but you hide it, behind a friendly unreadable mask.
you are a demon that has crawled through the fiery depths of hell and to the merciful and loving heavens to torture me with your silence.
your a blessed-curse forever trapped behind a beating shape.
I know you secretly use your power over me as a dog you can summon at your will, but I am the one who secretly lets you.
yes, it is true you control me, but not like a remote.
you go to a channel and because of who and what you are I transport myself to you.
My poems are numbered by the hundreds all posted at every visible surface of the earth.
they began and continue because of your continuous breath.
( It really seems I control you now, I can write your life in my words even though I don't know it)

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