Can't Help But Wonder....

April 24, 2013
By TheDarknessBehindThisPlasticSmile GOLD, Londonderry, New Hampshire
TheDarknessBehindThisPlasticSmile GOLD, Londonderry, New Hampshire
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"Don't try, just be yourself. And if it isn't good wnough for whomever you were trying for, they aren't good enough for you."

Can't help but wonder,
On nights like tonight,
Nights when the wind howls,
If you stilll think of me.
On nights like tonight,
Its a sea of fear,
In which I drown.
You used to check on me.
Save me.
Now you left me,

I can't help but wonder,
On a day like today
When all is eerily calm,
If you think of me
And all the trouble we used to be.
How noisy.
Yet now, we are lonely.
Each with one heart.
I have half of mine, and half of yours,
And you, the opposite.

Can't help but wonder,
On these sleepless nights,
If you, too, stay awake with fright.
Do you stilll have bad dreams?
Who are you calling now?

Do you stilll think about my nightmares?
Do you still care?

Remember the boat we would fantasize about?
It took us away from all the bad.
We had that boat as friends.
Now we don't talk.

You said you'd never leave.
You said you were a chronic liar.
You left.
You lied.

No one saves me from the wind now.
I don't love anymore.
No one is here to explain how.
I relocked the door.
The one to my heart?
I'll burn it down soon.

Do you feel like this, too?
I can't help but wonder...

The author's comments:
Another poem about the guy who threw my heart into a wood chipper... I'm just expressing how I feel. Is there anyone else that feels this way?

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