April 24, 2013
I heard the concrete
and remembered singing summer,
artificial sugar tunes,
and your eyes, copper sublimed.
I was
as the sky is
I belonged to the afternoon
where you counted clouds
and named me

I spent my nights
with the lions
where the colors were the yellow
of kings and of your hair
against your shoulder.
I couldn’t help but remember to draw
the lions in escaped canary
yellow and
your smile because you
were beautiful my dear, brilliant
my dear.

I learned too young
that no one ever looks up.
I leaned too young
that people weren’t made to see in Technicolor
I heard the concrete
in your voice. So I brought
you rainbows
because concrete is too grey.
I decided
I would be the concrete too,
be grey, like you.

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LexusMarie said...
May 18, 2013 at 8:47 pm
Hey there! Your writing is so impressive. It's a bit captivating I'd say. It takes me to a whole new world of color and emotion and though some may be sad, the poems make me happy. I love the title, the simplicity draws me in. And I think the picture with all those colors mix into the poem's colors so vibrantly and I really like it! Bright and pretty, yet soft to go along with the mood. I love the way you include the sky to go along with the color and title of 'Blue'. I love ... (more »)
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