April 22, 2013
By KristenNoel ELITE, Mooresville, North Carolina
KristenNoel ELITE, Mooresville, North Carolina
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When you get so close to success, but you fail miserably.
When all you ever do is fail, and you want some victory.
When you reach out for support, but everyone walks away.
When you need a hand to hold, but no one’s willing to stay.
When you aim for the moon, but miss and grab a star.
When you lift someone when you climb, and carry them far.
When you try to reach your goal, and you do not succeed.
When you help someone out, and all they have is greed.
When you aim to improve, but every time you crash.
When you are trying to be a fire, but burn into ash.
When you try to remember, but you only forget.
When you try to forgive, but have so many regrets.
When you feel trapped, and need some fresh air.
When you are backed into a corner and can’t go anywhere.
When you are hidden from the world, and need to show your face.
When your heart is broken, and sadness is not replaced.
When sadness is all you feel, and you are depressed.
When you are overwhelmed, and you only feel stressed.
When you try to break free, but you only get stuck.
When you are down in the dumps, and have bad luck.
When you lose someone you love, and they don’t believe.
When you are frightened to death, and need a reprieve.
When you lose your strength, and nothing has worth.
When you need a boost, and don’t get what you deserve.
When you are completely done, and ready to stop trying.
When you are worried, and wish you could stop crying.
When a tear rolls down your cheek, and your heart is defeated.
When you want to let go, but your hopes are deleted.
When you want to cry out, but don’t have the ambition.
When you need to leave, but are assigned to a mission.
When you are tired of being hurt, but nobody has care.
When you want to be nice, but only get scared.
When you get the worst and need a friend,
Just remember that it gets better in the end.
And if it’s not better, or it’s not okay.
Then it’s not the end my friend, the end’s far away.
So reach out for anyone, and get a hold of their hand.
Let them know you need advice, and they’ll understand.
Let them know that you that you need help, a sensitive touch.
Believe that you’ll get there, because all you need is love. <3

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