That's Why

April 22, 2013
She smiles to conceal the pain.
She laughs to fake her mood.
She flips her hair to act like she doesn’t care.
She turns away so he won’t find out.
She laughs like an idiot to capture his attention.
She masks her natural beauty with makeup to hide the real feelings.
She always keeps a friend with her so he will think she’s popular.
She talks loudly when he’s around so he will even glance in her direction.
She does what everyone else does so she won’t be the loser.
She wears sunglasses everywhere she goes so she will stand out amongst the crowd.
She easts scarcely so she won’t become overweight.
She keeps secrets so he won’t know the real her.
She takes pictures of herself to tell a story.
She lies to protect her identity.

She does it all in favor of him.
That’s why.

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sunshine925 said...
Aug. 5, 2013 at 2:39 pm
This poem was beautifully crafted and vividly depicts the emotions and feelings of a girl trying to be perfect for the boy she wants. Utterly beautiful. Keep writing.
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