Life is like a Jetty

April 22, 2013
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The currents of the North West

were among the most feral known to men

The currents were at war,

a war that would never end

Between the river pouring out

and the ocean rushing in

Ships foundered in it's depths

and the hopes of land were rend

In depths never seeming to cease

Young men sank to their secrete graves

Until the break-water brought the waters peace

voyagers were stranded on famished waves

Where the river meets the sea

My father walked me along the Jetty

He took my hand

and there we walked

and he showed me the stages that life has brought

As the dawn rises and you begin your journey

Your infant steps are broad and smooth

The breeze soft

The waves shallow

But as you venture on in your youth

You sense the rocks beneath your shoes

The water deepens

The winds blow

Struggles grow and grow

Soon you're faced with the greatest change

Waves rage and tower high

The rocks are now boulders that you must climb

You must carefully choose which path you take

My hand is here

Don't be afraid

Take a moment now to rest

Feel the breeze and the ocean mist

Watch the birds, otters, and tender sunset

You'll see that every obstacle is worth it

On that day, when you have reached the end

The very last step

On the very edge

You are faced with an eternity

You see life is dangerous, life is risky

but have faith

there is hope

life is also like a Jetty

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