April 20, 2013
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The first blunders. A stumble here and there.
The futile first attempts where everything seemed
Black and white.
Easy? That’s how the others see it. Yet
We don’t listen. We take our own paths,
Our separate ways.

The courage that lingered allowed us to
Stare. Our glass bubbles were transparent
Enough to see. Right through.
Colours soon appeared amidst the
Chaos. We picked either end of the

It kept us moving. Another step forward.
We don’t know where it’s heading,
Darkness or light.
Ghosts of smiles, ghosts of what
We were. Are.
Makes no difference to them.

We reach for the skies, falling
Short. Past the stars.
A conflict of emotions. Indecision.
The cracks chose to shatter our
Pretence. It’s the coloured shards
That saved us from the others.

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