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I seem to always fall in love with the chestnut skin and curly hair
I feel like I can breathe in the shorelines and right now
Right now I can see the mango's falling like tears,
Bursting into the sand
See I spent the last 5 hours trying to live
Through you because my physical is diminishing rapidly
See, I’m caught between a bed and a soft place
What no one knows is that the sky’s designed to fall so we need hope to survive
Please believe that I’m worth fighting for
I need reassurance that I’m worth saving

If I could go back in time I’d shake hands with Einstein
And thank him for his theory of relativity, which brought me to you
And greet all the dinosaurs one by one, ride on the back of a t-rex
Just to feel the wind in my hair, but nothing
Could compare to the fear of losing you
So I’d meet your parents, sit down to dinner with them
And tell your mom all about how your clothes look so good
On my bedroom floor that they were probably made
Expressly for my favorite carpet
My heartbeat is nothing if not matched to yours; thank God
Someone invented the sine wave to put two and two together
Otherwise your heart would be a cosine function
And mine would be tangent, and our paths would rarely cross
You know if I could go back to the exact instant you were born
I’d hold your plump little hand and look into those big brown eyes
Just to see every shoot star I kissed into your mouth

We tried to complete each other,
But all we got was this hole the size of Alaska
I thought I could change you, but see that’s where I failed….
Giving you all of me
I’m sorry you were so high we both had to help each other to bed
The first time I met you
But you told me afterwards that loving me was its own kind of drug
And I would never fund your stash again
If I want to get high again, you said I’ll kiss you so full
Of powdered sugar neither of us will be able to
Tell the difference…

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