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The point in life had come
Where nothing is clear and everything is smoked and laced with robotic ingredients
Conforming to society’s selfish ideas and designs
Dare not think beyond the woods
Safety is guaranteed

Beliefs that have been told to you your whole life is crashing down
Unsure of black and white
The roses that bloomed at spring that once brought to me with such emotions of glee
Now is just a figment of my imagination
Was I just dreaming of them?
Were they real?
Is anything I see or have real?

Thou at this point I shalt not doubt yet,
I cannot help but feel the latter some call it spite but I’m not even sure that’s the right word for it
Suppression of one’s ideas and silenced so it cannot be heard again
Is this the way society shall bring to us?
Total lack of ideas or of ideals or of common morality under this regime

Moving through the days of the weeks one by one the next person falls into the wicked spell
Monday begins as maybe a glimmer of hope that something good can come out of this as we bring ourselves back out into the cold rain of deceit
As the week keeps going and our hope begins to fade and glister as more fall prey to its wicked spell
For the few that keep they heads above water and keep on going it will only get tougher

Through it all it seems that only love and understanding can save us
Are the human animals capable of loving one another?
Are we really better than the dogs we calm to be masters of?

I’m not sure of the answers only time will tell
Or maybe it won’t
Maybe time will just mock us
Each time we think we’re close to the goal and freedom another brutal stab to the heart
The hand that holds the blade will keep it there for what feels like eons

I’ve said a lot but no one listens
What’s the point?
You’re just a mockery someone who wants conformity
Instead of my mind adrift in the abyss its wide open and throwing off your feeble attacks to create a façade out of me

I’m capable of love
I love another right now
You can sit there and judge and tell me it won’t last
Only time will tell
Right now I’m at a crossroads trying to understand the world
Maybe I understand maybe I don’t
To put my opinion above others would be pretentious

I could go on and on but really is anyone listening or even bothered to look at this?
Some will understand
Some won’t
Point is I’m at the time of my life where I’m at a crossroads and just trying to make sense of everything around me

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