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April 21, 2013
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Every day you stand alone,
Lost amongst the commotions
Of a busy, ostracizing society,
Not sure where to turn.
Always an extra bubble
Easily popped by a rose’s thorns.

Every time you try
You were pushed away,
So you walk with your head down,
Hair covering your eyes.
Afraid to open your wings
And fly with the wind.

You’ve convinced yourself
The metal’s dull,
But I can see a light
Reflecting beneath the rust.
People with their superficial gaze
Never bothered to look
For the bright, golden flames
Burning deep within.

You have a beautiful aura,
Very hard to ignore,
And your eyes shine
Like the Northern Lights
When you smile.

Oftentimes what others think
May not be the truth.
Doubt me? Look in the mirror,
You are the proof.
For despite what the world thinks,
Why the roses turn away,
You’re not a weed between sidewalks,
You’re a flower.

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