Gone Forever </3

April 19, 2013
The day you feel like your slowly slipping from yourself.
The day you decide to take that knife from the drawer.
The day you decide there is not a way to escape from the pain you feel.
You just want to end it all.
Then your friend calls you and you explain what is going on with you.
He says to you that if you go through with it you will be taking him with you.
You promise you wont then you see the paper and see that your friend decided to take her life.
That pain comes back and you just feel like taking that knife to your arm just one more time.
That one more time ends your life.
The next day your friend finds out what happened to you.
He decides that he would do the same.
He goes home and takes the knife from the drawer.
He goes to deep.
He is gone forever.

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