1,2, Pick it up

April 19, 2013
Pick it up,
Load the Gun,
Up against my head,
Bang! I'm dead.

I know not what to do,
In a world of Evil and Hate,
Where my blood is my only comfort,
So I draw it and lick the wound.

But then, she comes,
Shining in the Moonlight.
Smiling, beautiful,
Drawing close, my body.

She wraps around me,
For no reason at all.
And kisses my lips,
Rise and Fall.

I am not sure,
What to do,
To this sensation,
I am new.

It matters not,
She keeps me alive.
And now, no longer,
Do I want to die.

She gives my life meaning!
She keeps it here!

Who am I? I don't care!
I have my love, eternal!

I live as I wish,
And she loves me for it!

Follow my example,
And all the Kingdoms of Heaven,
Will be your's, Forever,

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