The Best Surprise

April 18, 2013

I waited with Gram
For a reason is unknown
My mommy said it was urgent she must go
Daddy left too
He said there was a surprise he must get
But I didn’t now why

As the hours past,
What felt like days,
I waited for my parents
To bring me my present

Maybe it was a dog?
Or a new shiny bike
What if they brought me a new doll
But no it wouldn’t take this long to get me a doll,
Would it?

That night they returned
I am waken up as I sleep in Grams lap
My mom holding something in her arms
I scurry to her arms
To retrieve what they got me

It was not a doggy
Or a new plastic doll
But a baby boy
With big blue eyes
And soft blonde hair
Resting in her arms

'Thank you mommy”
I say softly in her ear
This was the best surprise ever
I could never ask for more

The author's comments:
This from a little girl's perspective . Almost like the time my parents brought home my little brother.

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