Empty Promises

April 18, 2013
By aspiringpoet13 GOLD, White Marsh, Virginia
aspiringpoet13 GOLD, White Marsh, Virginia
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He always promised to do this
Or help me with that
Every time I ended up disappointed
Left with a constant feeling
Of never being good enough

All those nights I cried all alone in my room
Wondering what I did to deserve
Being talked down to and disrespected
As if I was three inches tall

Everybody says that you shouldn’t be afraid
Of the one person who should comfort you most
But I am so afraid, terrified of him
Afraid that he’ll win once again

The feeling is horrible, feeling inadequate
In everything I do, like I could never measure up
Always feeling one step behind, constantly belittled
To where I had no confidence at all

He drained me of happiness
That’s what he was good at
Kicking people while they were down
To make himself feel better
I escaped the tight grip he had on me
And my whole entire life

Finally I don’t have to live up
To his insane standards
When he can’t even function properly
Without a fix of artificial happiness
His family wasn’t enough for him
So he had to look elsewhere for fulfillment

My life is different now
I walk with my head a little higher
And I feel safe most of the time
But there’s always fear looming over me
I’m afraid of being hurt by him once again
Even from afar he still manages
To cut like a knife

His future will consist of
Staring at a prison wall, all day every day
But mine will be bright and shining
I’d like to thank him for the experiences
I’ll be writing all about them
And how I overcame obstacles
But they’ll always be with me

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